Frequently Asked Questions


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General FAQ



Troubleshooting tips:

  • Insert your SIM card in your mobile phone
  • Check for Celcom signal
  • If there is no signal, your SIM card may not yet been activated. SIM activation will usually take 2 - 24 hours
  • If there is still no signal after 24 hours, please proceed to any Celcom Outlet for a SIM replacement
  • If your SIM has been activated, please enter your mobile broadband profile name

Try choosing 3G only as your preferred network. If the issue persists, you might have exceeded your data volume/FUP (fair usage policy).

You can check via:

Yes. You can purchase data volume via:

  • Clear your browser's cache:
    • Internet Explorer: Tools > Click Browser History
    • Mozilla: Tools > Click Clear Recent History
  • Check whether the area you are in has 3G network coverage:

USSD/Direct Dial

  • Dial *118#
  • Select Broadband
  • Select Check Broadband Coverage
  • Select Coverage at Present Location/Other Location/Via WAP


  • Type Broadband Here or Broadband <Location> and send to 21122. Charges:FOC
  • You will receive an SMS as below:
    "The following coverage is available here: GPRS(Yes) 3G(Yes) HSDPA(Yes). These result are correct at the point of checking."

USSD/Direct Dial

  • Dial *111#
  • Select Request Service
  • Select Broadband
  • Select Subscribe Daily Broadband or Subscribe Weekly Broadband


  • Type Broadband and send to 28882. Charges:FOC
  • You will receive an SMS as below:
    "There are two plans for you to choose from: Daily (24hrs usage) or Weekly (7 Days usage). Type Broadband Daily or Broadband Weekly and send to 28882 for more info."

Note: If you are using an Instanet Plan (for prepaid data only), you can purchase Broadband Monthly via the above channels.

Yes, but you'll need to register for roaming service via:

  • Celcom Customer Service
  • Walk in to any Celcom outlet

Data Roaming will be charged according to the country you roam in. Please note that unlimited data is applicable for local use only. In addition, check for promotional data roaming rates.