PortaWiFi4G LTE PortaWiFi 2.0

Benefits you’ll love

Device sharing

Seamlessly connect up to 10 devices at one time

Celcom 4G LTE

Enjoy Internet speeds up to 100Mbps with your 4G LTE PortaWiFi 2.0

Carry forward Internet

Carry forward your unused Internet to the next month

Get instantly 4G-ed

FIRST™ Gold Internet

  • RM100 device price
  • RM150 upfront payment
  • 5GB monthly Internet + 5GB free weekend Internet
  • 10GB off-peak Internet
  • Unlimited social apps for 3 months
FIRST™ Blue Internet

  • RM250 device price
  • 2GB monthly Internet + 2GB free weekend Internet
  • 2GB carry forward Internet