Celcom 5G is here . Try it for FREE!

Celcom 5G is here. Try it for FREE!

Game and stream exclusive content with 5G
on Malaysia’s widest network

Bring it on Celcom 5G

Experience high speeds like never before! Enter a new realm of entertainment, travel and family fun on the widest network made possible with 5G. Break free from reality and start living your dream life with Celcom 5G today!

Your Quick Start Guide to 5G​

Get Connected to 5G

Enjoy 5G high-speeds only on 5G-compatible phones! Buy yours now from Celcom Online Shop here or check the quick list of phones here.

*Note: 5G in Malaysia is not available yet for all iPhone models.

Plans with 5G Access
Pick between Celcom MEGA™ Lightning, XPAX Postpaid™ and XPAX Prepaid Mix & Match™ plans with the right passes to enjoy access to 5G!

Experience 5G Here

Find out if 5G is available in your area with the map here.

The 5G coverage area is constantly expanding to serve you better. Continue checking the map for more updates.

Easy Steps to 5G

If your 5G-compatible device is not connected to 5G coverage automatically, you can perform the following steps: Settings > Connection > Mobile Networks > Network Mode > Select 5G/LTE/3G/2G (Auto Connect).

MEGA™ Postpaid
XPAX Postpaid™

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