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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Celcom AirCash?

This is a new service offered to Celcom customers. This innovative service enables you to open and store your money in a virtual account. This virtual account is called “Celcom AirCash” & can be used to perform electronic money (e-money / virtual money) transactions via Celcom’s dedicated USSD channel *133#. Some of the features include:

Airtime Reload to your own prepaid number or other Celcom and Xpax Prepaid numbers
Transfer money to other Celcom AirCash users (AirCash Transfer Local)
Transfer money overseas i.e. International Remittance (AirCash Transfer Overseas)
Check your real-time Celcom AirCash balance and transaction history 


How do I register for Celcom AirCash?

 To register, dial *133# on your mobile and press SEND / CALL. Registration is free and any Celcom subscriber can register.

For first time users, registration is compulsory and the following information is required as part of the registration process:
1. Name as per NRIC / Passport
2. NRIC / Passport No
3. Select Language (BM or English)
4. Select M-PIN (6 digit mobile personal identification number – similar to ATM PIN)

After registration, you just need to login with your M-PIN when you access Celcom AirCash. To access Celcom AirCash, dial *133# on your mobile and press SEND / CALL.


What are the transactions available via Celcom AirCash?

By dialling *133# you can perform the following transactions using the USSD menu.

1. Get Balance
Check your real-time Celcom AirCash account balance.

2. Last 3 Transactions
View your last 3 transactions performed. This is a real-time service

3. Airtime Reload
You can reload prepaid airtime to your own number or third party prepaid number within the Celcom network. The reload amount will be deducted from your Celcom AirCash balance. The minimum reload is RM3 and maximum reload is RM50. Reload denominations must be in round numbers e.g. you cannot reload RM3.10 etc 

4. AirCash Transfer – Overseas
You can send money from your Celcom AirCash account to other countries (international remittance). Currently, you can send money to Excelcomindo subscribers in Indonesia and the recipients / beneficiaries can collect the money at Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) branches. The maximum amount you can send per transaction is RM1,000.

5. AirCash Transfer – Local
You can send money from your Celcom AirCash account to other Celcom AirCash users. You can send up to RM1,500 (inclusive of transaction fees) provided you have sufficient balance in your Celcom AirCash account.

6. Manage Account
This service allows you to:
• Change your 6 digit M-PIN
• Change your Name
• Change your NRIC / Passport No.
• Change your Default Language (BM or English) 


What are the steps to register?

Just dial *133# from your mobile phone. You will be able to see a menu which advises you on the steps for registration.

Can a MNP subscriber (012,016) register for Celcom AirCash?

Yes, after they successfully port-in to the Celcom network, they will be able to access the *133# and register for Celcom AirCash.
What information is required for registration?

You will need to enter your name & ID (NRIC/Passport No/Other ID e.g. army) when prompted from the USSD menu. You are also required to select your default language and a 6-digit M-PIN

I am using a post paid account registered to my father's name. Can I register Celcom AirCash using my name?

Yes. You can register for Celcom AirCash using your name. For Celcom AirCash transactions such as cash withdrawal (Cash OUT) at Celcom branches, you must bring along your mobile phone registered for Celcom AirCash together with your NRIC. You will need to key in the 6-digit M-PIN to authorize the transaction.

019-3149174 is a phone registered under Ariff. User of the phone is his brother, Aiman. For Celcom Aircash, it was registered under Aiman.

Can Ariff perform all the transaction under Celcom AirCash?

No, Ariff cannot perform Celcom AirCash transactions unless he has access to the mobile phone & the M-PIN. As such, the M-PIN is very important for security purposes.

Can I change the registration details (name/ID)?

Yes. You can change the registration details such as Name and ID by selecting the Manage Account option.
I was advised to enter M-PIN. What is this M-PIN?

Yes. You can change the registration details such as Name and ID by selecting the Manage Account option.M-PIN(Mobile Personal Identification Number) is a security Personal Identification Number for Celcom AirCash service. This is similar to your ATM PIN for banking services. With Celcom AirCash M-PIN, your transactions are secure as only you they will know your own M-PIN. It is important that you do not reveal your M-PIN to anyone. It is advisable that you store your M-PIN information securely.

 What is the maximum limit I can store in my Celcom AirCash account?

You can store up to a maximum of RM1500.00 in your Celcom AirCash account.

What are the channels for Cash IN (add money) & Cash OUT (withdraw money). What is required to perform this?

You can Cash IN and Cash OUT at Celcom Branches nationwide and at participating Celcom AirCash Dealer Outlets.

How do I perform these transactions (Cash IN / Out)?

You will need to fill up a form / memo and to provide your phone number and Cash IN amount. Once you have provided the required details, you will need to submit it to the Customer Service Representative or Dealer for them to reload your Celcom AirCash account.

For Cash OUT at branches, you will need to bring along your mobile phone and your identification documents e.g. NRIC / Passport. You are required to fill up a form and provide your phone number, NRIC / Passport and cash OUT amount. The Customer Service Representative will check and verify that you have sufficient balance in your account. Once verified, you will receive a request through your mobile phone to enter your M-PIN on your phone to authorize the transaction. Once the transaction is authorized, the Customer Service Representative will provide you the Cash OUT amount.

For Cash OUT at Dealer outlets, you are required to fill up a form provided at the dealers’ premises. You will be required to send the requested Cash OUT amount to the dealer’s designated Celcom AirCash account using the AirCash Transfer Local service. Once you have successfully sent the money from your Celcom AirCash account, the dealer will provide you with the Cash OUT amount. 

What is the limit for Cash IN & Cash OUT?

Cash IN
You can cash in any amount but the total amount must not exceed the maximum balance of RM1500 in the Celcom AirCash account.
Cash OUT
You can cash out a maximum of RM1500.00 including the cash out fee.


What are the charges for Cash IN and Cash OUT?

Cash IN is FREE at Celcom Branches. Dealers will charge a transaction fee for Cash IN at their outlets.

For Cash OUT, there will be a fee imposed at both Celcom Branches and Dealer outlets. The Cash OUT fee is at RM3.00 and Celcom will advise from time to time if there are any changes to the fees and charges


What are the services available to transfer money using Celcom AirCash?

The services available for transferring money using Celcom AirCash are:
AirCash Transfer Local – link to Transfer Local
AirCash Transfer Overseas – link to Transfer Overseas

What is AirCash Transfer Local?

This service enables you to transfer money instantly to other Celcom AirCash users.

What is AirCash Transfer Overseas?

This service enables you to transfer money to other countries.

Is there any minimum or maximum amount for AirCash Transfer Local / Overseas?

Transfer Local
There is no minimum amount. You can transfer up to a maximum of RM1500 including the transaction fee. However the receiver’s account must not exceed the maximum balance of RM1500 in Celcom AirCash account at one time.
Transfer Overseas
There is no minimum amount. You can transfer up to a maximum amount of RM1000 for each transaction. The maximum amount that can be transferred daily is RM50,000.
This service is not available during FUT stage


I am a MAX Plan customer; can I purchase & reload Network access?

No. Only airtime is available

What are the denominations available for Mobile Reload?

Denominations available are RM3 to RM50. Only reloads in round numbers are allowed e.g. RM3.00. Reload denomination e.g.RM3.10 are not allowed.

Will I enjoy any reload promotion such as bonus or contest?

Yes. You will enjoy the current airtime reload promotion offered by Celcom when you reload using your Celcom AirCash account. If you reload your own number, you will receive the bonus but if you reload other numbers, the recipient will enjoy the bonus.

Will I receive any SMS once the transaction is successful?

Yes. You will receive a confirmation SMS from Celcom AirCash informing you of the transaction and new Celcom AirCash balance as well as a SMS confirmation from EASYRELOAD informing you of your latest reload transaction and new prepaid airtime balance

I am a Celcom AirCash customer & want to reload my friend’s prepaid number. However, my friend is not a Celcom AirCash customer. Can I perform the transaction?

Yes, you can reload your friend’s number. Your friend only needs to be a Celcom customer and not necessarily a Celcom AirCash customer.


Manage Account
I have typed my name wrongly during registration, what should I do?
You can change your details by selecting “Manage Account” in the USSD menu.

Account Status

My account is blocked as I have entered my M-PIN wrongly for three times. What should I do?
Just call our Celcom Call Centre or walk in to any participating Celcom Branch to unblock your account.

I have just lost my phone. Please advise what to do since I’m afraid that I will lose the money in my Celcom AirCash account?
You should immediately inform Celcom Call Centre & request to block your account. You need not worry as anyone who finds your phone needs to know your M-PIN in order to access your account. For Cash OUT, only the registered Celcom AirCash owner can withdraw the money from the Celcom AirCash account.

How can I terminate my Celcom AirCash account?
For termination, you must walk in personally to a participating Celcom branch and inform the Customer Service Representative.

If I terminate my account, how do I get my money back?
You should cash out your money before you terminate you Celcom AirCash service. You must ensure that you have sufficient funds for cash out at branches to do this.

My post paid account has been terminated involuntarily. What happen to my Celcom AirCash service & money?
Once your primary (postpaid /prepaid) account is terminated, their Celcom AirCash will also be terminated automatically. To take out the money from the Celcom AirCash account, please walk in personally to a participating Celcom Branch for verification & refund process.

Can I re-register Celcom AirCash?
Yes, provided your primary account is active. You can re register & a new Celcom AirCash will be created. (History of transaction before termination will not be available)